I was a very reluctant visitor to the audiologist on my first visit. As far as I was concerned, my hearing was perfectly normal. I did have a few problems hearing clearly at a restaurant or other public place, but thought that was the same for everyone.
I went with preconceived ideas, and left with a new feeling that I had been missing out on much conversational enjoyment in the previous few years. I am now wearing almost invisible hearing aids, and am an active member of the social conversation set. I could not be happier with the transition. - James Campbell

Sue-Ann, thank you for taking me through the journey of accepting my hearing loss and the need to wear hearing aids. Your gentle encouragement was very much appreciated. Your patience, professionalism and encouragement helped me to take a journey that I had not really been aware I needed to take.
When I started using the hearing aids I discovered many things - the kettle makes a noise when it starts to boil, I can hear light rain on the roof and other sounds that had not been part of my life for a long time - I had not noticed them going but it was amazing to have them back. - Lyn Spence

About two years ago, my Audiologist, Sue-Ann Maxwell from All Things Hearing suggested I have two sets of ear plugs custom moulded to my ears. The first, Noise Reduction Plugs, has been life changing! Sleep no longer alludes one from snoring, aircraft and outside noise. The second set, Musician Plugs, were again specifically crafted to my ears and have been great at reducing the decibels at loud concerts and making concerts much more enjoyable. I fully endorse the investment in these two types of ear plugs from All Things Hearing at Greenbank. - Daniel Mays


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