Cochlear Adjustments

At All Things Hearing our team can help with the initial hearing test to see if an implant/s is suitable for you and support you with adjustments and mapping once you have been fitted with your cochlear implant. Below is the process for those interested in the steps to an implant.

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Step 1
Hearing Test
You first need to have your hearing tested by our Audiologist, who is trained in hearing implants and can determine whether a hearing implant is right for you.

Step 2 Implant Procedure
The cochlear implant procedure is typically a same-day, outpatient procedure and is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is considered routine, but, there are risks and your surgeon will discuss these with you.

Step 3 Activation/ fitting
It's the time you have been waiting for, when you start to enjoy your ability to hear. Over the next few months you will work with your
audiologist to customise the device for your hearing needs. Before long, you will be hearing better than you thought possible.

*information above courtesy of cochlear limited*